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The best dogs in the world BY BOSSY KENNELS

WELCOME TO XVBULLIES, Our company is born of a common dream, living surrounded by animals … this dream began to come true when we discovered this incredible dog breed through social networks, AMERICAN BULLY XL, visiting Bossy’s website kennels we end up in love with them.

In October of 2017 we traveled to the USA to meetBossy kennels and bring our first male “FARAON”. The American Bully XL are the most incredible dog breed in the world. Since they are puppies they look like small lions of velvet skin.

A muscular dog, with a power indisputable that can intimidate our eyes, but that possess a good, noble and docile character, mainly with children, the best characteristic.

A dog that when you see it will become unforgettable for  So if you are looking for a very big dog and with the best character you are in the right place.


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