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At XVBULLIES we care about the health and well-being of each of our puppies, since they are our family. That is why we want to give them the assurance that they will have a family and a home in which they will be cared for as we do. In addition, through this contract we give all the confidence and security to our future clients that in no case will you receive a copy that has any type of illness and / or health problem that may cause you a sad surprise. Not only that, but we also give you peace of mind that if one day, for whatever reason, you could not take care of the puppy due to life circumstances that we can not foresee, XVBULLIES will take care of it without any inconvenience, giving you the assurance that they will be protected for life.

We also place great emphasis on the signing of the contract so that each client takes into account that due to ignorance of the race and the laws that exist today we make sure that all new owners are aware of what the law requires. You will have in your family THE BEST DOG RACE THAT EXISTS IN THE WORLD.