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Frequent questions

What character does an American Bullie XL have?

Gentle, docile and noble character. Lacks agressiveness. It is something intimidating to the eye but realiable mainly with children, they have proven to have a beautiful, childish, playful, sweet and loving personality that makes this dog its best and most outstanding feature.

Are American Bullies considered potentially dangerous ?

TheRoyal Decree 287/2002, of March 22, which develops the Law 50/1999, of December 23, on the legal regime of the possession of potentially dangerous animals does not consider as PPP the American bullie , if they are considered other breeds such as Pit Bull, Argentine bulldog, rotweiler … notwithstanding this Decree in its annex leaves open that certain types of dogs with certain characteristics could be considered PPP but the latter is at the discretion of the competent administration.

Method of choosing the puppy

When choosing your puppy you must indicate what order you want occupy “first male, second male ” if you choose the first male you can select your puppy first.

Where the race comes from

The AmericanBullie as a race grew out of the desire to own a companion dog docile with both people and animals, but who had a strong and heavy appearance with a differentiated head. The breed is obtained from the crossbreed of the American Staffordshire, Pitbull and English Bulldogbreeds .

What size does the Bullies reach?

Similar to the AmericanBullies classic , is larger than the rest of his breed companions. It is more proportionate and stylized with a strong musculature. The males can be between 51 and 57 cms and the females between 48 and 54 cms.