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Who we are

As the founder of XV Bullies, my name, as most of you already know, is Valeria Britos. My way of breeding is within a family environment, paying maximum attention to all my dogs and of course to my puppies.

They are my life since they are the ones from whom we learn to be better people, they are our greatest companions, antidepressants and they are without a doubt the best company we can have.

My idea of ​​breeding is to give my clients a puppy with the maximum health conditions and guarantees, as well as the education necessary for its adaptation to the family environment.

All my clients have my attention not only at the time of purchase but for life. I feel in my heart that I was born for this and that I would not know how to see my future doing anything else, I love being surrounded by animals and I love seeing them in their new homes being HAPPY in their homes.

It goes without saying that as a good breeder I offer the best guarantees and the greatest peace of mind for my clients, for whom I will always be available. My clients make my dream a reality today.